"Having the right system is the roadmap to your dreams." "People buy on emotion not logic." "A dream without a plan is a daydream." "You have to be visible to be noticed. Be there. Show up!" "Evaluate every action based on whether or not is is an RGA (Revenue Generating Activity)" "Receptionists rule!... Treat the gatekeepers with the same respect as their bosses." "Increase value! Never decrease price!" "Hope is the enemy of success." "Professional longevity is best served by attentiveness that goes beyond making sure deliveries happen on time." "Nobody will take you seriously, until you start taking yourself seriously." "Value and performance are the keys to success in our profession, not love and affection. Emotions undercut profits. Its as simple as that." "Watch behaviors, observe carefully, and take notes. Peel that onion." "Accountability is the foundation of all true success."

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