We focus on

Transitioning into Life Beyond College

Students will be prepared in the following areas after attending our course:

  • Career networking and relationship building
  • Career attainment
  • Career performance

Areas of focus

  • Presentation
  • Accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Body language
  • Selling your value
  • Standing out for the right reasons amongst the competition
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Follow up techniques that make impression
  • How to accept/decline an offer
  • Continued self-development

Leadership and Accountability

Our leadership system improves student development in the following areas:

  • Accountability
  • Time-management
  • Academic performance
  • Self-improvement
  • Skills and behaviors that will prepare you for success in the next phase of your life.

Athletic MBA

The Degree You Didn’t Know You Earned

David’s top 5 lessons learned from sports

From Pee-Wee Sports to the NFL

The Playbook For life

Transitioning into Life After College

Fourth and Go

To prepare students with the tools and skills necessary to apply their advanced education to the next phase of their lives, we provide keynote speeches, seminars, and bootcamps.


Our Fourth and Go impact program introduces you to our Fourth and Go system and its components. You’ll learn about our Fourth and Go philosophy and how to apply our 3 principles of success: behavior, attitude, and technique, to your daily lives. These principles along with our leadership principles will give you the tools you need to maximize the value of your college education and be well prepared for your transition into life after college.


Take a deeper dive into our Fourth and Go program with our intense and interactive bootcamp. We teach students how to implement a system in their daily lives that will guide them in a direction to improve academic performance, athletic performance, and other areas they are looking to improve in. We will also prepare the students to apply their academic education and overall college experience to finding the right career opportunity as they transition into life beyond college. Areas of focus include: resume writing, the interview process, dressing for success, standing out for the right reasons, and making a lasting impression. The last phase of our bootcamp will give students the confidence and skills they need to perform at an exceptionally high level throughout their careers.


Student-athletes are not ONLY earning an academic degree while attending college, they are also earning a degree on the field, court, track, mat, and on the ice. The hours a student-athlete dedicates to playing sports in college, can extend well beyond a full-time job. This level of commitment provides student-athletes an invaluable amount of experience, and will give them an advantage over their non student-athlete peers, for the rest of their lives. We’ve coined the term, Athletic MBA, to represent the advanced education student-athletes receive in the following disciplines: Accountability, Competition, Teamwork, and Overcoming Adversity. These are the qualities that will set student-athletes apart from their competition as they move on to the next phase of their lives and transition into life beyond college.


Accountability is the foundation of any degree of success. Our Fourth and Go Accountability program shows students how to accept responsibility for their future, as they hold themselves to a higher level of accountability. Students will learn how to add consistency to accountability and take their performance to another level. By implementing a culture of accountability in students’ lives, they will look inward and take complete ownership through the ups and downs of their college experience. They will develop confidence from their achievements, while learning from every challenge and obstacle.


Our Fourth and Go Career Preparation program covers every area of what students will need to transition into their careers after college. From career networking and relationship building, to finding the right career opportunity, to performing at a high level throughout their career; we teach lessons in emotional intelligence, adding value, and accountability that will prepare them for success in whatever industry they choose. We create real world career transition scenarios, including interviewing, to role play and teach our Fourth and Go system. Afterwards, we review the recorded role-playing to constructively critique how we can improve. That’s right, film study isn’t limited to just sports.

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“Anthony and David combine the savvy of a Street-Smart Salesman with the agility of an NFL player, creating a devastating one-two punch!”

Dr. George OnuorahPhilanthropist

“Anthony and David’s seminar is mostly informed by Anthony’s book The Street-SmartSalesman: How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich (2012) and David’s experience as an NFL player. The result is an extremely appealing combination of strategies and business techniques that can effectively transfer to other areas and professional practices.”

Carlos Aguasaco PhDProfessor

“Anthony and David were amazing! I was able to learn new and creative ways to organize and grow my business. I recommend this seminar to anyone really looking to elevate!”

Kamari RichardsonEntrepreneur and Educator

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