The Street-Smart Philosophy

The Street-Smart philosophy focuses on behavior, attitude, and technique to grow business and exceed goals, while maintaining integrity.

Value-Added Marketing

Learn how to increase value, so price is never a factor, and how YOU can become the differentiator of your products/services.

Emotional Intelligence

Customers and clients buy on emotion, not logic. Learn how to master the emotions of your customers/clients to create game-changing solutions for their problems.

Perform like a pro

The Difference Between an Amateur and a Pro is Having a System

Street-Smart Bootcamp

Take an Intense and Interactive Dive Into our Street-Smart System

Winning Culture

Turning Your Corporate Culture Into a Winning Team Culture

The Street-Smart System

For individuals/companies looking to grow business and exceed their goals, we provide keynote speeches, seminars, and bootcamps focusing on the following areas.


Our Street-Smart Salesman impact program introduces you to our Street-Smart Salesman system and its components. You’ll learn our philosophy and how to apply our 3 principles of success: behavior, attitude, and technique to your daily lives in order to grow your business and crush your goals.


Take a deeper dive into our Street-Smart Salesman system with our intense and interactive bootcamp. We focus on the power of emotion, accountability, and uncovering our Street-Smart principles of success. We create real world sales scenarios to role play and teach the Street-Smart Salesman system. Afterwards, we review the recorded role-playing to constructively critique how we can improve in every facet of the sales call. Our panel of experienced and highly successful sales executives offer a variety of perspectives and years of sales experience for our clients to learn from.


The very same principles, disciplines, and camaraderie it takes for a sports team to succeed, are what make corporate companies succeed. However, this winning sports culture can get lost in the corporate world. We help you create a culture that your employees will understand and wholeheartedly buy into. We empower your employees to take ownership and responsibility in the success of your company and show them how their daily activities directly impact whether or not your company will become successful. By applying our Street-Smart Salesman principles of creating successful sports team cultures, your company will not only reach your goals for 2019, but exceed your goals 2019.


Accountability is the foundation of any degree of success. Professionals who are accountable always look inward when reflecting on a sales experience. What could I have done better? What are some things I missed out on? While mediocre reps tend to look outward and deflect responsibility; my product isn’t as good as the competition, my price is too high, my manager sucks. Allow us to teach you how to create a culture of accountability in your daily lives that will motivate and inspire you to take complete ownership of your success and challenges, as you rise up and put points on the scoreboard.


The difference between an amateur and a pro, is having a system that will take you to the next level. Whether it’s the sports world or the corporate arena, it takes the very same principles and focus applied to your daily activities to be successful in either. Learn how to create your custom system that will serve as a roadmap, or navigation for my millennials, directly to your goals!

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“Anthony and David combine the savvy of a Street-Smart Salesman with the agility of an NFL player, creating a devastating one-two punch!”

Dr. George OnuorahPhilanthropist

“Anthony and David’s seminar is mostly informed by Anthony’s book The Street-SmartSalesman: How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich (2012) and David’s experience as an NFL player. The result is an extremely appealing combination of strategies and business techniques that can effectively transfer to other areas and professional practices.”

Carlos Aguasaco PhDProfessor

“Anthony and David were amazing! I was able to learn new and creative ways to organize and grow my business. I recommend this seminar to anyone really looking to elevate!”

Kamari RichardsonEntrepreneur and Educator

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